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If you have been following our JaxnBlvd Instagram page very long you might have noticed that I like to change things up quite often. My husband literally used to pull a retina (while rolling his eyes) when he would see me doing "another thing to the house" now I have a storefront and well he doesn't have a say 😉. For the longest time I have called my style organized chaos, and have explained it as being eclectic (Fun fact; my husband actually thought I made that word up to describe my style. Silly man!) I am not afraid of bold colors, patterns and prints not only in my storefront but in my own home. Decorating is a passion of mine, actually a stress reliever, and the more I do it, the more I learn and the more I love it, and the happier I am 😂. Each year there seems to be different trends in the Home Decor world. We’ve seen a lot of neutral colors, farmhouse decor, shiplap of course, thanks to my bestie Joanna (no we aren't besties but I sometimes dream that she looks at my signs and says to Chip "we should collab with this Kim chick.") and even wallpaper (insert all the heart eyes ) is making a comeback! I thought it would be fun to start our new blog and the new year with my top picks for the upcoming year. You may see some of these popping up in my own home over the next little while. 



Let’s start with paint. Paint can make such a big impact on a room, whether it is painting one accent wall or painting the whole room. When it comes to paint don’t be afraid! It may seem scary but painting is so versatile and can easily transform any space. I think whites and grays are here to stay for a while which is great because having neutral paint colors gives you so many options when it comes to accent pieces. Neutrals allow you to add in fun curtains, rugs, pillows, picture frames, and even furniture. The possibilities are endless.

I think this year we are also going to start seeing deeper, more bold colors like dark blue, forest green, and burnt orange and maybe a bit a light pinks and Goldie yellows. I know it screams the 70's but I swear it's going to be amazing. The amount of time I have spent pinning new paint colors is sad and a bit insane .  I think we are going to start seeing these colors pop up not only on walls but in furniture accent pieces like chairs, side tables, and in the kitchen. How pretty would a dark blue or forest green kitchen island be? Freaking amazing if you ask me.

Mixed Metal

Metal is such an easy way to dress up your home. Metal adds a feel of sophistication and can really pull a room together. Adding big statement pieces can make your home feel more modern and smaller touches can add a bit of glam if you are going for a more rustic look. Big or small, metals can make a big impact. Combining different metals is an easy way to add depth and visual interest. I am really loving gold and brass together and the warm richness they give. My favorite way to add in metals is with light fixtures - oh I love light fixtures! My favorite right now that will be going in my kitchen re new is the Sputnik light. I love the metal and how it has so much funky character, and did I mention I found them cheap! Like practically free . (I'll share the details later😉

Layered Rugs

Texture, color, comfort are the first things that come to mind when I think of rugs. Rugs are such an easy way to not only add warmth and a cozy feeling to your home, but they can so visually appealing and a great focal point. They are also a great way to help define a certain area in your home, especially if you have more of an open floor plan. Rugs are one of those things that will never go out of style, but I do think you can add your own style by layering rugs. You can get creative by mixing different patterns, colors, and textures. Start out with maybe a big jute rug and simply layer it with a smaller rug with a different color and texture. I am in love with this style of Moroccan Kilim rugs. the vibrant colors and beautiful designs are perfect for adding a Boho touch. 


There are so many options when it comes to tile ! If you follow me on instagram , I've been sharing small bits of our kitchen re new and I just sat in the tile isle of Lowes for about an hour in the fetal position because I couldn't decide between subway tile or arabeques tile 😩 I did finally make a choice (I'll share later) Choosing a backsplash all depends on the look and feel you are going for and this decision tends to be a bit more long term, a rug can be moved to a new room or donated if your "sick of it" tile, well that's a bit more permanent !  A darker backsplash will bring in a bit of drama and create a sense of mood. On the opposite end, choosing a bright, light backsplash and it will create an airy and inviting feeling. Whatever color you choose - the options for style and shape are endless. Hexagon, subway tile, and brick are my favorites and I love the different look and feel each add to any space in your home . 



We know our way around wood over at JaxnBlvd! Dark wood has been my first choice in the past because of the classic look and feel it offers, but this year I think lighter wood and even raw wood will be making more of an appearance. Lighter wood and raw wood go great with neutrals for more of a monochromatic look and will give great contrast to darker colors. Wood to me is like a great pair of jeans - dress it up or dress it down for classic looks that will never go out of style. You can do so many different fun things with wood like a reclaimed wood accent wall, butcher block counter tops, farmhouse table with big chunky legs, headboard, candlesticks, DIY picture frames or planter boxes - the list goes on! Lighter wood is perfect for a rustic yet modern look that will bring a very organic feel to any space! Can't wait to show you some of the new things we will be making with light wood and signs! 



Wallpaper is my spirit animal - I loooooove wallpaper. I know I know you're not surprised !  Wallpaper can seem intimidating, hard, impossible even to work with, but it is far from any of these things! I have friends tell me all the time that they wished they could put wallpaper in their homes, (when their husbands aren't exactly allowing it) ya know they grew up with it in their home and when mom wanted it taken down they were the ones having to take it down for them, husbands have a sour taste for wallpaper, but they shouldn't! The technology of wallpaper application and take down is really painless! It is much easier to work with and less messy than paint in my opinion. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, you will be pro in no time! In 2017 we will be seeing a lot of Ikat, Plaids, and Florals - big florals oh ya know and cactus 🌵 (remember that kitchen re new , well I may or may not have picked cactus wallpaper for my pantry ) . Go big or go home! My favorite places to put wallpaper? Everywhere! Just like paint, you can add it to just one wall or a whole room. You can even start small and do your powder bathroom, or just one small accent wall.  Wallpaper is so pleasing to the eye (especially my eyes 😂😍😍) and I promise you will get so many compliments! PS #iheartwallpaper

So there you have it - my top picks for 2017. We have some fun things planned for our Jaxn Blvd blog - lots of exciting projects, ideas, tips, and tricks - so check back often! 







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  • Seriously loving the dark floor tile with lighter grout! Great picks Bosslady?


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