Gwyn's Bedroom Remodel - Part One

I remember as I teenage girl how important my bedroom was. It was my sanctuary, my retreat, and my safe space. My daughter Gwyn is 15, in High School, and is needing that same space. Teenagers and kids are bombarded with so many different things these days so we felt it was important for her to have a separate space from the outside world. Somewhere she could relax, reflect, and re-set. Gwyn has dealt with some pretty hard things over the past few years including depression and self harm, so it's vital for her to have a positive space that will make her feel comfortable and safe.



I normally have all the say when it comes to decorating and projects around out house. I have a vision and run with it, but not this time! Teenagers can be pretty opinionated and Gwyn had a few opinions and her own vision for her room. She really wanted a loft bed with space underneath for either a desk or a hang out area. She also wanted it to have a Boho/ 80's Funk kind of vibe with the colors and design. I created a Pinterest board and began pinning lots of ideas for the loft bed, room colors, lighting, flooring, decor, etc.

Anytime we start a new project, we like to really plan out every detail as much as possible. We have found that this is the best way to save time and money. We will create sketches and take measurements, price out all the materials including tools, and we also decide what things are really important and will be must haves and what is negotiable. There are always unforeseen costs and things don't always go as planned, but trying to work out as many of those details beforehand really helps to keep things running as smoothly as possible, especially for a big project like this one.

One of the big must haves for this room was the Murphy door. Because her room is the smallest in the house, and because of the design for the room and the way we fit the loft bed in, we had to remove the closet and rebuild it on the other side of the room. This left us with an open closet area with no doors. We could have left it open but I came across this awesome website that makes Murphy doors. I love Murphy doors not only for their functionality but for the design and aesthetic that they bring to a space. I will go into more detail and share the door we chose once it is installed and we do the room reveal.

Remodeling a bedroom is definitely more than a weekend project and we are about 80% done with the room right now. We are planning on having it finished within the next few weeks and I'm excited to share not only the final reveal, but more details on how we built the loft bed, the closet, install the Murphy door, put in the flooring, and my favorite part, decorating! I'm really excited about the end result and Gwyn is excited to not only have her new teenage retreat, but to have her room back after sleeping on the couch during the remodel! :)

JaxnBlvd Pinterest Boards

Murphy Doors

See you next week!







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