I Heart Gallery Walls

Gallery walls make me happy, but really I love them. There is just something so fun and eye catching about them. They are so visually pleasing and can really make any boring wall into a beautiful statement that will attract so many compliments. They are a great way to show off your personality and decor style because there are many different ways to put together a gallery wall. Gallery walls can be a little tricky though because if it's not done right it can come out looking like a hot mess on your walls. Aint nobody got time for that! I'm going to share with you my top tips and tricks to style a beautiful gallery wall.

To start you need to decide what and where? What do you want to hang and where do you want your gallery wall to go? Big or small a gallery wall can be done almost anywhere. What kind of look are you going for? Do you want everything lined up, perfectly even and symmetrical? Or are you going for a more perfectly imperfect look with different sizes and colors of frames? Start gathering frames whether it's all in the same size, shape, and color - or different colors and shapes. A gallery wall does not need to be just frames though. It can have decor like antlers, a mirror, a decorative shelf, a clock, greenery, or a monogram. You can always throw in a few JaxnBlvd wood signs - or even a whole wall of JaxnBlvd wood signs! 

Once you have gathered everything you want to hang, you can start laying everything out on the ground. You'll want to decide what will be your focal point or your middle and then start building it out from there. I prefer to hang things in odd numbers. Hanging in odd numbers makes it easy to not only find the center but it is aesthetically pleasing and it forces your eye to move. When you are ready to hang there a few tricks that make this process a little easier.

1. You can take butcher paper and trace the back of each piece, cut out the shape, and then hang that on the wall. 

2. Lay out your pieces face down on the ground - Take wax paper and lay it over everything - Mark each spot using a sharpie where the nail or hanger is on the wax paper - Turn the wax paper over and tape it to the wall where your gallery wall will go - Hammer nails into each spot that you marked and then carefully tear away the wax paper - Hang your pieces and you are done! 

3. A laser level is a great tool when it comes to not only hanging frames on the wall, but it is great for hanging shelves, painting stripes on your wall, board and batten, shiplap, etc. It is a great tool that can make so many jobs around the house easier. 

4. My favorite trick is to use a paint stick to help hang frames - it's so easy! You simply drill a screw about 2 inches from one end of the paint stick - Take your frame and hang it off of the screw - Holding the paint stick in place, hold the frame up to the wall where you want to hang it - Push the screw into the wall leaving a small hole - Hammer a nail into that hole and voila! Your picture is ready to hang!

Play around with different frames, decor, and display variations until you come up with a design you love. It takes a bit of patience and time but I promise the end result with be so worth it! Want to share your gallery walls with us! tag us on instagram or hastag #iheartgallerywalls so we can see what your doing, and be sure and Check out my Instagram for the latest and greatest of gallery walls! 








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