DIY Black Window Casing With Spray Paint

Sometimes it feels like I have a never ending list of house projects going on. And while I'm not afraid of a serious DIY project, sometimes it's nice to do something simple and fast but gives big results. Spray painting window casings does just that! I recently added board and batten in my son's room and painted everything white. The walls and windows all seemed to blend together so in order to make something pop, I spray painted his window casings black. Super simple and really the only part that took the longest was taping everything off. 

Supplies Needed:

Krylon Color Maxx Primer (Gray)

Rust-oleum Satin Paint and Primer In One (I used Black) 

Painters Tape

Plastic Drop Cloths - (I used 5)




Hair Net - (You do not want spray paint in your hair!)


I started by taping off around each window, leaving the casing exposed. Then I went back in and taped the glass. I used blue painters tape and it took about a roll and a half for the entire wall. After the windows are taped, I put one plastic dropcloth down on the floor and then taped another one to the wall, one between each window, and another above the window to create a tent. I covered the larger areas with the plastic but used the tape for the detail work. It was a bit tedious but I took my time with the detail work to make sure the lines were straight so I didn't end up with paint in places I didn't want. 

The grilles are the pieces that run up and across the middle of the window (to create a grid effect) The grilles on these windows are in between the glass - so there was not an actual piece of the grille that was on top to paint like the surrounding outside pieces. I still wanted these to be black and have the same look, so I taped the glass and followed the outline of the grille. I then just spray painted the actual window so it looks like the grille is painted too. It's really just the glass that is painted but you can't even tell unless you looked really really close. You can see in the picture below how I taped it off. 

Once everything was covered, I first used Krylon Color Maxx Primer in Gray, adding 2 coats and waiting about 15 minutes between coats. Then I used Rust-oleum Paint and Primer In One, in the color Black. I sprayed two coats of the black waiting 15 minutes between coats. I let the paint dry for another 15 minutes before removing the tape. I want the paint to still be a bit tacky when I pull it which prevents the paint from peeling. 


There you have it! Super simple DIY that makes a big impact! 


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